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The 5 Top Choices for Garage Door Locks

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More often than not, homeowners are not weary of garage locks as people may get in and steal your tools and equipment.
Ideally, your lock should be one of the following top choices for garage door locks:

#1: Garage Door Locks
Deadbolt locks for garages typically come in two styles, one being single cylinder and the other double cylinder.
Single ones require a key to open from the outside, and are linked with a knob from the inside. Double cylinder ones require that a key be used on both the inside and the outside of the door.
#2: T-Handle Locks
These locks are most commonly used on garage doors of metal construction. T-handle locks have keys to open them. However the keys for these locks are uniquely shaped, and difficult to duplicate. And that makes these locks more difficult for thieves to get through to.
#3: Side-Mounted Bolt
Garage door side-mounted bolts are locks that are mounted on the door track. It’s a type of lock that cannot be accessed from outside the garage door, even with specialized tools.
#5 Keyless Digital Locks
No keys are required for these locks. Instead, they’re equipped with a keypad into which the correct digital code must be entered. These locks are difficult to pick. This lock also is resistant to‘Jimmying’ methods.
Many manufacturers of digital locks, in fact, offer lifetime warranties against damage caused by intruders.
Just remember to be secure and lock up every time 🙂 !



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